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Amiel and Namita, Koh Samui

Brought together by destiny and made inseparable by love, Amiel and Namita’s wedding video is an ode to their sweet love story.

Love brings new horizons and that’s how the journey becomes an adventure.

Two cultures, two ways of life, two perspectives are united in this marriage between Amiel and Namita, who were lucky enough to know almost instantly that this was the start of something special. Take a peek at their wedding celebrations, watching each celebrate the other in carefully crafted frames by The Baci Productions.

The wedding trailer glides into Koh Samui from the sky – swooping in over blue waters and a vista like paradise.

The narrative of this wedding video is not linear – it begins with snapshots of motifs, a few statuettes, the embroidery on the bride’s lehenga, the groom adjusting his cuffs – you’re surprised and instantly compelled when you see the bride and groom then, taking their vows.

A white wedding, a Hindu wedding – both poignant and perfect in their own identities – what brings the two of them together though are the reading of the vows. Obviously written with love but more importantly, good humour, you laugh with the families as the pandit asks the groom to promise he will only go to the cinema with his bride and “no other lady”. And you smile as the groom and bride stumble during their vows at the white wedding.

Then the story moves forward and back – here is the bride making her way to the mandap, here are the groomsmen getting their swag on, you watch the elders looking over and showering their blessings as the couple sits, hands folded. There is a fresh, uninhibited, easy presentation of the young couple’s relationship. It is young love at its peak and a delight to watch.

The music begins to crescendo taking the viewer into the celebration! The blushing bride, walking towards her groom, arm in arm with the other main man in her life, her dad. The groomsmen share a light moment with Amiel as the bridesmaids look stunning getting ready to walk with the beautiful bride.

There is another moment of solemnity – the bride and groom’s speeches about what each means to the other – this time, their depth brings tears to your eyes. And then it is time to dance! The film dances around, catching moments in the madness, secret glances and smiles between these two lovebirds.

The camera moves back upward now, over the heads of those celebrating, into the fairy lights that gently sway in the breeze. There is a promise of togetherness and joy. The circle completes and begins again.

Videography: The Baci Productions

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