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Ananya and Joseph, Mumbai

Brought together by destiny and made inseparable by love, Ananya and Joseph’s wedding video is an ode to their sweet love story.

Love brings new horizons and that’s how the journey becomes an adventure.

Two cultures, two ways of life, two perspectives are united in this marriage between Ananya and Joseph, who were lucky enough to know almost instantly that this was the start of something special. Their differences are what bind them together, the couple says, as we peek into their wedding celebrations, watching each celebrate the other in carefully crafted frames by Candid Wedding Stories.

For Joseph, this girl who took him to his first ‘sheesha’ experience was someone he wouldn’t let slip away. He’d met Ananya in London where she had gone to study fashion at the same university where he worked. Still stunned about her having agreed to go on their first date, he tells us about how they soon became inseparable. “I pestered and pestered her for a second date,” he says. His admiration of her strength and creativity, her charisma and loyalty is evident. For Ananya, it is simple, “He has been very accepting of my culture and my family and everything about me, which is what I love most about him.” She then reveals how the colors of their respective cultures paint the canvas of their love to create a unique story.

In their wedding film, we see two families from different ethnic backgrounds and faiths come together as one to celebrate the couple’s union. The filmmakers Candid Wedding Stories weave together vibrant snippets from the duo’s wedding to create a montage that is rich in emotions and happiness. The music further adds to the sense of revelry and through trailer the team skillfully brings to the fore warmth that is palpable and smiles that are contagious.

Videography: Candid Wedding Stories

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