Sunny & Mamta’s ‘Regal Chic’ Wedding Celebrations were held at Hotel Fairmont in Jaipur. The uber-hip bride grew up in Dubai, went to school in Switzerland and got married in the City of Palaces. Custom-made chocolate-elephants were the perfect welcome pieces for each of the 450 guests who came from all over the world. The groom made a fun entry into the mehndi brunch on an auto-rickshaw and arrived at the wedding ceremony on a beautifully decorated elephant. The artist entertainers at the different celebrations included bands like ‘Dunes of Rajasthan’ from India, ‘Bull Funk Zoo’ from Dubai and dance troupe Bellywood Belly-Dancers. The events included ‘Jaipur Under the Stars’ (welcome dinner), ‘Forever Young’ (club night), Le Petite Mehndi (brunch), ‘Rock the Casbah!’ (sangeet/pre-wedding dance party), the Wedding ceremony and the finale ‘An Affair to Remember’ (reception). Here’s their Wedding Film Teaser- ‘And We Danced’

Film courtesy- AK Sandhu (Cinema Butterfly Films)

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