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Anika and Ravi, Goa

A seriously epic wedding, captured perfectly in a snappy, happy film.

Set amidst the pristine beaches of sunny Goa, Anika and Ravi’s wedding film, titled ‘To A Lifetime Of Never Letting You Go’, opens with aerial shots of glistening waters and close-ups of tiny tots waving placards with witty messages.

WeddingSutra Favorite – Ipix Epic Moments – captured all the emotions and revelry remarkably in this wonderfully-colorful wedding film.

Visuals of the bride with her family members unfold with peaceful background music along with a heartfelt speech by Anika. The bride is heard thanking every person in her family, her new family and her beloved husband, Ravi.

The film then takes a chucklesome turn as the groom gives a funny speech. The camera zooms in on the couple getting ready, followed by romantic moments on a beautiful beach.

The team at Ipix Epic Moments captured the highlights of all the wedding functions, showcasing the glorious celebrations perfectly. This footage has a wonderful voiceover by the groom, who describes his feelings as he saw his bride walk down the aisle.

The film then cuts to the bride’s sister taking over the mic, hilariously talking about the couple’s compatibility, comparing it to the movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. The film ends with dramatic shots of the mandap against the glow of the setting sun, as well as fun moments of the couple enjoying their wedding ceremonies and the baraatis shaking a leg on the dance floor.

Location: Goa

Videography: Ipix Epic Moments

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