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Anushka and Shilp, Aamby Valley City

Emotions and shenanigans shine through the grand celebrations of the #Shanu wedding

When Anushka and Shilp met, there were sparks and fireworks, and it only took few days for them to be sure they were meant to be.

House On The Clouds takes us on the rollercoaster ride that was their three-day wedding. From moments that will leave you teary-eyed to visuals that will bring to your face the widest smile, this film has it all.

The movie opens with a montage of the highlights of the wedding. The excitement of both families is palpable. In an emotional byte, the father of the groom throws light on why this wedding means so much to him. The parents of the bride share how much they will miss their daughter once she leaves for her new home.

The camera beautifully captures the sheer scale and grandeur of the wedding and will leave you wanting a wedding exactly like this one. The seamless editing segues one moment into the next, the musical score of each visual enhancing the mood.

Watch out for the funny moments too! Like when the groom turns his haldi ceremony into the Battle of Haldighati. You won’t be able to escape the bride who looks nothing less than a queen and the anecdotes from their friends will make you laugh.

Videography: House On The Clouds

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