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Arushi and Karthik, Khimsar

Arushi and Karthik’s wedding celebration was one filled with incomparable delight endless enjoyment.

You’ll immediately notice that in this wedding, Arushi and Karthik’s friends and family seem to be on a rollercoaster that is all the way up – excitement and joy fill every frame. The video opens to the shenanigans at the wedding – a massive game of tug-of-war, the mannequin challenge, several people being thrown into the pool with increasing glee, beer pong, dancing – and they are a treat to behold! It’s pretty clear that this wedding party ism’t one that is hesitant about painting the town red on account of one of the biggest days of the duo’s life.

The moments are linked together with snippets – the couple talking about each other and the quality of their love. The bride tells us how they met at work but for nine months didn’t speak once thanks to the deep dislike they harbored for one another. Talk about love at first sight… not!

Still, love conquers all they say and Karthik is testimony to this when he tells us about the incidents that led him to have a change of heart, “The love and respect that she had for not only her loved ones but for every individual that she meets was something that I was really amazed by and I fell for it.”

There is amusement in the way Karthik’s family translates Tamil verses to Hindi and warmth in the way Arushis father repeats after them as he gives his daughter away. The narrative follows a steady theme of enthusiasm and exhilaration and visuals of the wedding party living it up elevates the mood of the film. The decor and finery are stunning, but what really helps the video shine is the spirit of the two families who come together as one to celebrate their children’s love.

Venue: WelcomHotel Khimsar Fort and Dunes
Wedding Planner: Shaadi Squad
Decor: Atisuto
Makeup Artist: Ajay from Sneha Charan Makeup, Lucknow
Videography: Slice of Life Pictures

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