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Bharat and Prerna, Delhi NCR

Explore the romance and rhythms of Bharat and Prerna’s nuptials with their wedding video shot by Two Knotty Photographers.

A kaleidoscope of emotions, a glitzy reception, two families coming together to celebrate love, a love story told beautifully – Two Knotty Photographers captures the luxury, love and laughter at the gorgeous wedding of Bharat and Prerna.

Bringing to the screen the love, grandeur and exuberance at the wedding, the film intersperses song and dance with meaningful moments. The video opens to a visual of the families enjoying the haldi ceremony. The beautiful celebration sizzles with the vivid colors and spectacular decor of the wedding.

Then we meet this couple who complete each other in every way. We share in their couple’s recollections, their observations and friendship. It is a treat to step into their footsteps and hear their story. Having had the chance to know them, it is time to take a journey through the nuptial ceremonies, standing shoulder to shoulder with their friends and families. The film captures all the emotions, big and small, as well as the chemistry Bharat and Prerna share during the rituals at the beautiful Elaan Luxury Banquets and Lawns in Delhi NCR.

The spectrum of celebration is represented across intimate moments, the bride adorning herself, the preparations and grand revelry, dancing and laughing. Whether it’s their little gestures or most memorable moments, every detail is beautifully preserved by Two Knotty Photographers.

Videographer: Two Knotty Photographers

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