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Binti and Maunit, Renaissance Powai

Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia skilfully encapsulates, the couple’s fondest emotions in their captivating wedding video

In all the pomp and finery of the magnificent Indian wedding, the festivities and events and dancing and rituals – it’s easy to overlook one important fact – that it’s actually the little things that mean the most in the grand scheme of things. Things that are often impossible to put into words. Yet the groom, Maunit, manages beautifully. And these precious moments are captured by Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia as a timeless treasure trove for the couple.

Grasping the opportunity to reflect in the middle of the wedding, Maunit talks about Binti’s place in his life. It is clear she means the world to him and they truly complete each other, “I’m a little aggressive, I’m hyper sometimes, but looking at her just calms everything down,” he says. He put perfectly, the aura her love brings into his world when he says, “You know you have that scent in the house that calms you down? She is that scent in my life.”

The trailer opens with soft music, romantic visuals and the story of how this gorgeous couple met for the first time. Over the course of the montages the viewer gets to explore emotions of deep joy.Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia captures the revelries skillfully while bringing you the spectrum of colors, evident excitement amongst the family members, the merrymaking and love in this wonderful wedding trailer.

Videography: Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia

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