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Chandni and Jatin, The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, Thailand

Through candid frames Hitched and Clicked captures Chandni and Jatin’s wedding in the abundant nature of Chaing Mai.

The sounds of the rainfall swell into a symphony as the film opens into the forested foothills of Northern Thailand. This is Chiang Mai, nestled in the mountains, amongst whose breathtaking landscapes Jatin and Chandni are to be wed. Filmmakers Hitched and Clicked seamlessly weave snapshots of the city, draped in luxurious green with festive snippets of the nuptials.

The camera catches raindrops roll like jewels over luscious green leaves, catching glimpses through vines of Thai figurines, glistening in the rain and a beautiful, traditional roof, looking up to overcast skies. The pattering of the rain gently cedes to soft music as the father of the bride waits for his daughter’s groom to arrive.

As the baraat winds its way to the wedding, we hear Jatin tell you about his first date with Chandni and how their love evolved over the span of a decade. A montage of the couple getting ready then introduces you to Chandni, who tells us her story. Jatin says it best when he encapsulates a recipe for lasting love, “For us friendship comes first, marriage comes later. I want us to be friends for the rest of our lives.”

The music begins to crescendo taking the viewer into celebration and happy moments – here is the blushing bride, walking towards her groom, arm in arm with the other main man in her life, her dad. Then the couple dance at their sangeet, catching moments together in the madness. There are the flowers being showered over the pair like blessings as they sit, hands folded, in their mandap. And catch those secret glances and smiles between these two lovebirds as the video closes with the promise of a journey of togetherness and joy!

Videography: Hitched and Clicked

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