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Chitra and Pranay, Kolkata

Chitra and Pranay's Bengali-Telugu marriage was a heady affair with rocking performances and evocative moods captured in their wedding video by Ramit Batra.

Chitra and Pranay are a young, fun-loving couple with an international footprint. So it was evident that their wedding video shot and edited by Ramit Batra presented the heady moments of their cross-cultural wedding in a memorable way. Chitra and Pranay’s Bengali-Telugu wedding memories are a compelling montage that opens with a rocking party and segues into beautiful traditional ceremonies during the second half of the video.

The opening frames of the video are all about merrymaking in a glamorous setting. We also see the groom, and his loved ones perform energetically on the stage, alongside artists they have hired for the event. There is an interesting switch in momentum when the traditional ceremonies take over. We see Chitra dressed in traditional attire and being carried on a palki for the wedding ceremony. And then the revelry of this happy marriage again sets the tone for the end of the video that will leave you with a smile.

Location: JW Marriott Hotel & Hyatt Regency, Kolkata
Video Courtesy: Ramit Batra

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