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Damini and Prateek, Goa

Boisterous pre-wedding functions, a dreamy ceremony and a raging after-party - this film showcases it all in a seamless series of captivating montages.

The sound of the waves gently lapping at the shores against views of a quiet Goan beach welcome viewers to Prateek and Damini’s world, where you get to witness their sweet bond. Theirs is an easy and uncomplicated relationship, full of light-hearted playfulness. Underneath it all is a deep, undeniable love that is palpable all through the video, captured by WeddingSutra Favorite – Shot With Meraki.

Visuals of the couple walking hand in hand on a palm-fringed pathway, running along the beach and in the vast open water, and dancing together play out at the beginning, leading up to a confession by the bride. “I’ve found the perfect match. He is just what I always wanted and whatever I dreamt of. He is exactly that!” she says.

This earnest declaration is followed by shots from their beautiful wedding, where the two of them step into a new chapter of their lives surrounded by love. As the ceremony commences, the mood of the film changes, cutting to lively scenes from their sangeet and after-party.

The energy levels of the video follow an upward curve, starting quietly and picking up pace gradually, ending on a high note. Viewers’ own feelings aligned with the emotions showcased. The video managed to hold our interest effortlessly. The soundtrack perfectly matches the clips, heightening the sentiments on display. Moments of tenderness fill the screen and tug at your heartstrings as the video comes to an end, leaving viewers with a lingering feeling of delight.

Video Courtesy: Shot With Meraki

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