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Deepal and Nishant, Taj Lands End, Mumbai

This poignant wedding video captures the second innings of Deepal and Nishant in beautiful, candid frames.

Partying, dancing, thumping music, and smiling guests typically form the opening frames of many wedding videos. However, Deepal and Nishant’s wedding film by WeddingSutra Favourite House On the Clouds is laced with honesty and poignancy. This is deepened when it is revealed that it is the second marriage for both of them. The opening frames of the video show the couple sitting close together on a sofa with no one else around. There is a sense of a gentle intrusion into their personal space as Deepal quietly sits with her head on Nishant’s shoulders. There are no words exchanged at that moment, and perhaps, none is needed. The bookshelf, the soundtrack of the old Bollywood hit ‘Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki…,’ the comfortable sofa and air of anticipation are enough.

The video team’s interview with Deepal captures her myriad emotions – from being teary at the thought of how he loves his kids to her ‘idealistic’ marriage, she shares her account with honesty and courage. Nishant shares that he and his son are currently not on speaking terms. It is these rare moments of candor from both Deepal and Nishant that makes this wedding video feel more like a cinema verite documentary instead of a typical wedding film.

This wedding video by House On the Clouds is more than just a chronicle of Deepal and Nishant’s big day at Taj Lands End, Mumbai as they begin their journey together; it is a testament that people can have a fresh start fuelled by love. Talking a little bit about the couple, videographer Siddharth Sharma shares, “Deepal and Nishant’s love changed them in different ways, but they also gave a different connotation to love itself. Their dog Winston is a furry embodiment of that change. Nishant, who disliked dogs, brought Winston into his life and grew to love it just because Deepal loves animals, especially dogs.”

We also get glimpses of their pheras, performances by relatives and elders giving their blessings. Nishant’s daughter gives her wish for a happy married life to the couple. The film ends with a smiling Deepal saying that she has finally found contentment.

Videographer: House On the Clouds

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