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Dev and Mridul, Pratap Niwas – An Amritara Resort, Jodhpur

From ‘high school love’ to a ‘happily ever after’, the film encapsulates the relationship between Dev and Mridul.

It’s only in the best romantic fiction that high school sweethearts stay in love and live happily ever after. But sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have movie love in real life.

Dev and Mridul met in school when Mridul was in the 10th grade and Dev was in the 11th. This evocative wedding film captured by WeddingSutra Favorite Preach Art opens with the couple narrating their story. Dev says, “I remember walking past this corridor in school and there was this cute, short girl who started yelling at me in this high-pitched voice!” Mridul explains, “I was tasked with choreographing the juniors’ dance and he was tasked with getting me speakers but he was 30 minutes late, so I yelled at him and we became best friends soon after!”

This adorable memory is how we’re introduced to the beautiful couple on their wedding day. “Every moment is a fun moment with her,” the mother of the groom exclaims as she narrates the story of Dev’s grandmother’s first meeting with Mridul. The camera follows the couple around picking up little sparkling facets of their personalities. Whether it’s silly habits or their most memorable moments every detail is beautifully preserved.

Dev and Mridul have that youthful energy which makes them the stars of their fun wedding video, ably supported by their loved ones. From the bride in all her ethnic wedding finery to the couple dancing to the music, getting plastered good-humoredly with ‘haldi’, crazy dancing, the video is an engaging montage of some of the most memorable moments of their wedding.

One of the more poignant moments is when the couple sees each other before the ceremony. Dev chokes back tears and hugs his lady love and we, the audience, get a little something in our eye too. Dev and Mridul’s wedding film is a celebration of their fairytale – their dreamy royal celebrations, their traditional nuptials, the spirit of true love conveyed perfectly with artistic brilliance!

Video Courtesy: Preach Art

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