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Dhruvil and Meghana, Fatehgarh Palace, Udaipur

Tradition and ritual, prayer and laughter, deep emotion and lighthearted love fill Dhruvil and Meghana's wedding video shot by WeddingSutra Favorite Preach Art.

The bride has a beautiful, beautiful smile. And as Meghana tells us about the first time she met her future husband (wearing a bright red jacket) you’re immediately invested in the story of this Malayali bride and Gujarati groom who seem to radiate delight and love right through the screen.

Serene, idyllic Udaipur lazes in the backdrop as two cultures come together seamlessly in this jubilant, evocative wedding film shot by Preach Art. The opening montages feature the bride talking about Dhruvil, interspersed with fun (and very funny) snapshots from the functions, loving embraces, super dance moves and then the scene shifts to the beautiful wedding.

The lighthearted love on display is so significant as you realise you can barely tell the families apart – two cultures, two states, two sets of people – united as they are in celebrating this young, wonderful union. We watch the playful couple get married, both beautifully dressed and you’re treated to a few shots that capture the stunning location from above, doing full visual justice to the gorgeous palace.

The cross-cultural festivities capture a typical South-Indian ceremony. After the traditional wedding Dhruvil dons a sherwani and Meghana, a beautiful lehenga and the scene shifts to the rousing reception where their multicultural guests shake a leg to the thumping music.

A picture tells a thousand words and this video brings home the beauty of this multi-cultural union, the diversity of wedding rituals and the ultimate truth that love is the same no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Filmed in the beautiful Fatehgarh Palace of Udaipur, Dhruvil and Meghana’s story is a perfect love story with all the magic you could hope for.

Videographer: Preach Art

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