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Din Shagna Da- the Bridal Entry Song

Vishal Punjabi (of the Wedding Filmer fame) has a new offering for those who love his work. The Wedding Filmer’s popular song-track ‘Din Shagna Da’ is now available for downloads and for those who want it as their entry song.

Punjabi tells us that ‘Ding Shangna Da’ (Day of Promise) is a new rendition of an old Punjabi folk song that his team of musicians put together specially for a wedding they were covering. Says Punjabi: “The original folk song has been popular among Punjabi families since generations- it was often sung when the bride left her home after her wedding.” Punjabi got the inspiration to create an acoustic, soulful version of this song after an interesting experience at a Destination Wedding in Goa, where the bride’s aunt kept humming the song through her choora ceremony till her bidaai. It was the first bidaai Vishal Punjabi had shot and the song stayed in his head and heart. And with his team of musicians they created this contemporary version of the very traditional song. Watch the video here. Happy listening!

Film courtesy- The Wedding Filmer

You can also download the song on iTunes and Amazon.

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