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Divya and Jon, New York, USA

A cross-cultural union filled with color and laughter, wisdom and ritual, dancing and delight.

Divya and Jon’s wedding film opens right in the middle of their big day. Her father’s words immediately grab the viewers’ attention – what you do out of duty depletes you, what you do out of love energizes. Poignant and powerful, it sets the tone for the wedding film.

The scale of the wedding seems incredible, the grandeur, rendered in clothing and chandeliers, bouquets and banquets, is tangible. But the love Divya and Jon share outshines it all. Ray Roman Films skilfully manages to highlight their connection via snippets of interactions between them, stories from their friends, moments seemingly caught on the fly. It helps that the speeches are full of love and encouragement and wisdom. The bride’s father is especially wonderful to listen to as he says, “Marriage is about doing everything out of love for each other.”

The film then captures moments from each of their ceremonies, familiar rituals – the arrival of the groom and his baraat, the ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment – are tinged with a certain freshness thanks to the cross-cultural identities and the look in the couple’s eyes. Shots of them exchanging glances, getting a little goofy, holding hands are far from the hackneyed romances you see. Instead they ring true and authentic.

Finally, the party unfolds and it is obvious that no matter where we come from and what our creeds are, when you all dance to the same music, everyone’s life can be a love song.

Videography: Ray Roman Films

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