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Echoes Of Amangiri

Mili Ghosh captures the chemistry of to-be-weds Sheekha and Abbas in a lush lifestyle film

There is a reason Mili is the one of the best wedding filmmakers today – her storytelling abilities, extraordinary attention to details, and the lush and moody videography that’s much closer to a Hollywood feature film than a typical wedding video. Echoes of Amangiri is Mili Ghosh’s new labour of love, a poetic musing for Sheekha Sethi and Abbas M. Khan which was showcased to the wedding guests at their Sangeet. Fashion and desert modernism, Mili’s two most loved passions combined with her years-long model and muse, Sheekha, allowing her to become one with – not only her camera’s lens and her innate love for a natural and symmetrical canvas, but with Utah’s exclusive Amangiri Resort’s respite

Says Mili, “Lemon Trees and swerving shoulders of curved rock that both partnered and cloaked with and against concrete geometric planes that somehow seemed perfectly set into place that also humbly gave way to Sheekha and Abbas was a privilege to partake and create. Amangiri, nestled so prettily into the secluded valley of sandstone when translated literally means “mountain of peace,” easily and ultimately became the heart, breadth and soul of this shoot.”

Location- Amangiri Resort & Spa (with guest assistance by Cameron Shaw for Amangiri)
Make up- Emily ‘Trantow’ Oliver
Hair styling- Nico Doniele Scegiel
Sourced outfits- Sanjay Garg and Gaurav Gupta
Sheekha’s own outfits- Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, Varun Bahl, Dolce Gabbana, Balmain
Aerials- Michael Cerderios (assisted by Jenny)
Cinematography and Co-production- Sid Ghosh
Art Direction, Styling, Photography and Production- Mili Ghosh
Featured Poetry- ‘Nazm’ by Gulzar

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