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Eesha and Prateek, Baku, Azerbaijan

From peppy dance numbers to nostalgic ballads, Eesha and Prateek’s wedding film is an enchanting cinematic journey.

Set in the bustling locales of Baku, Azerbaijan, this wedding video by WeddingSutra Favorite – CineLove Productions portrays the essence of the ‘Great Indian Wedding’ which is fuelled by emotions, energy and grandeur.

Starting with mesmerizing aerial shots of the capital city of Baku, the film jumps right into high gear with a heady mix of shots of the festivities. The foot-tapping background score will have you itching to get up and dance. The first half of the film captures the games, dancing, psychedelic lights, clever speeches, and interview snippets of the bride and groom, juxtaposed with performances by professional Azeri dancers and musicians.

Honing in on images of the bride’s stunning lehenga and jewellery, the music transitions into a heartfelt rustic Punjabi song as the bride’s mother tearfully expresses her love for her little girl who is all grown up. The soulful ballad creates the perfect emotion for the serene shots of the Anand Karaj ceremony, reflecting spirituality of the occasion. The bride reflects on the role of destiny in life and all that the future holds. The visuals then show her getting ready for the nuptials. India’s former PM Manmohan Singh is also seen as a guest at this wedding.

The film ends with a gorgeous shot of the bride and groom in front of the mandap which contrasts beautifully with the azure skies above, and which symbolically portrays their hopes for a vibrant future and endless romance.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Video Courtesy: CineLove Productions

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