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Emily and Raidev, Kasauli and Delhi

Deep emotions, a cricket match and boisterous bhangra beats were hallmarks of Emily and Raidev’s cinematic wedding film shot by Colorblind Production

The opening frames of Emily and Raidev’s wedding video gives a hint about what their deep relationship is all about. The nuances of their vibrant cross-cultural wedding celebrations was captured candidly by Colorblind Production in this charming wedding film.

Raidev met Emily while pursuing his higher education in London, and the two instantly struck a chord. After enjoying a beautiful courtship of 13 years, they decided to tie the knot in India. The brilliance of this wedding film lies in capturing the untold moments of their relationship. The way Raidev looks at her, the romantic kiss at the start of the video, and the blending in of cultures are beautifully depicted in this cinematically shot wedding film by Colorblind Production.

At the start of the film, Raidev shares that Emily stood by him during challenging times and that’s when he knew she was his soulmate. Emily shares that he is great fun to be with. Then the mothers from both sides share their words of wisdom and hope for the beautiful couple.

From bhangra to a masquerade bash, from Emily dressed as a beautiful Indian bride to loved ones of all ages living it up, this wedding video captures the joy and emotions of a wedding very well.

Videography- Colorblind Production

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