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Farzia and Rajiv, Oheka Castle, New York

Farzia and Rajiv's chemistry was captured in an intimate way at their wedding in a French-style château.

When Farzia and Rajiv’s wedding teaser plays, time begins to rewind, taking viewers back to the glorious age of castles, kings, and princess brides on ornate balconies. In Farzia and Rajiv’s wedding film, classical music serenades the visuals of their palatial wedding, and little, intimate details captured lend an endearing personal appeal to the montage.

This castle wedding combines the splendor of the venue with palpable love between Farzia and Rajiv, which the movie showcases so well. The manicured gardens and ballrooms exude historic charm and are perfect backdrops for the charming celebrations where their guests’ good-humored exchanges bring the moments to life.

Creatively conceptualized to highlight the duo’s most cherished memories from their nuptials, the highlight of the film is the dramatic reveal of Farzia and Rajiv’s expressions as they see each other as for the first time as bride and groom. Highlights from the day are interspersed between snippets leading up to this moment -such as that of both of them getting ready for the wedding ceremony, Rajiv waiting anxiously for his bride and Farzia walking gracefully towards him. As she taps him on his shoulder, the festivities reach their high point. The couple share an excited laugh as he turns around and the twinkle in their eyes gives a glimpse into the happiness they have secured for a lifetime.

Videography: Images By Aaron

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