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Hans and Mandeep, New York

This film captures extraordinary love and celebration grandeur with ease.

Set in Long Island, Hans and Mandeep’s wedding film opens with aerial shots of the pristine beaches and beautiful environs of the wedding venue. A soothing background track is voiced over with heartfelt speeches by the bride’s cousins as visuals of bride Hans getting ready unroll. The entire film shot by the WeddingSutra Favourite – Park Street Weddings captures a range of emotions and actions wonderfully.

From the closeup shot of the bride walking on the beach with mehndi on her feet to the zoomed-in shots of the couple holding hands while strolling, each frame gives viewers a warm, fuzzy feeling. The perfectly captured slow-motion visuals of the bride and the groom running towards each other look like a scene straight out of a Bollywood classic. The camera then zooms in on the couple getting ready, highlighting special details like the groom’s cuffs that have the bride’s initials embroidered on them. The team at Park Street Weddings manage to retain the emotional touch in the film with the bride and the groom’s words as they share their journey and express their love for each other, focusing on the bride writing a hand-written note for the groom in the frame.

The film picks up the pace later with shots of dancing baraatis, and heavenly shots of the gurdwara where the couple get married with ceremonial chants playing in the background. The film closes with the bride’s and the groom’s families giving sound bytes to the camera where they express their gratitude to all the guests for joining in their celebrations and cordially welcome Hans into her new family.

Location: The Crescent Beach Club, New York
Videography: Park Street Weddings

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