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Heather and Rohan, The Gateway Hotel Ambad Nashik

A quirky wedding film that captures a myriad of emotions with snippets that are brimming with fun, friendly banter, and nostalgia.

Filled to the brim with funny as well as emotional moments that give the viewer a peek into the personalities of the bride and groom, this wedding film by WeddingSutra Favorite – Three Little Words breaks stereotypes with its creative visual style. Hosted at the plush The Gateway Hotel Ambad Nashik, this fusion wedding not only celebrated the couple’s union but also highlighted the union between two opposite cultures.

Opening with snippets of the bride and groom’s side having a friendly argument over a football game the film kicks off with an energetic start. As Heather and Rohan look on and laugh quietly at their friends who crack jokes on each other, the peppy beats of the background score pull the viewer in immediately, almost making one feel as if they are a part of the gang. Next, one is quickly transported to a virtual football game where a game against Manchester City and Everton is about to begin, the same teams that the bride and groom’s friends have chosen to be. With this seamless and witty transition, team Three Little Words flaunts their superior visualization skills that have the ability to keep one’s attention glued constantly. And then, the competition begins as the camera follows the ball which is unflinchingly kicked by the bride who expertly maneuvers her heavy lehenga with every move.

Moving forward to the second half of the film, the background score changes to a more festive and soulful one and is accompanied by visuals of Heather and Rohan enjoying the traditional Indian festivities of the Haldi and Sangeet as they bask in the love that is generously showered on them. However, the most touching part of the entire sequence features Heather’s mom, who being a single mother shares how much her daughter means to her. In a monologue replete with the touching love of a mother, her memories of Heather are paired with snippets that show the mother and daughter duo together as they enjoy the nuptials and follow the rituals. Ending things on a high note, the film comes to a full circle, as it once again highlights the football game peppered with shots of everyone showing off their best moves on the dancefloor interjected in between.

With this film, Three Little Words shows just how unbridled creativity can create something quirky yet emotional that’ll tug at your heartstrings at one moment and make you smile in another. Ashish Langade from team Three Little Words shares the story behind the unique concept, “The concept struck us when Rohan had called us to enquire about a few details. And, instantly, we forged a connection over our shared love for football. The conversation lasted about 40 odd minutes where we only spoke about the wedding for 10 minutes. That was the first time we were talking and the conversation flowed incredibly smoothly as we started taunting each others’ football teams!

At that moment, we realized that it would be interesting to incorporate elements of our interaction within the wedding film by showing Heather and Rohan pitted against each other in a friendly football match.”

Venue: The Gateway Hotel Ambad, Nashik

Videography: Three Little Words

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