Commencing with nostalgia and emotions, ‘Faith’ by The Wedding Filmer (TWF) opens to tunes from Punjab and visuals from Simran’s childhood where she is seen in the loving arms of her father. Talking in Punjabi, her mother remembers her late husband and the dreams he had for his daughter. The bride begins sharing lighter anecdotes from her childhood, and the beat picks up adding to the celebratory atmosphere of the wedding.

As Inder and Simran talk about how they met, one realizes this isn’t a story of love at first sight, but a tale of serendipity. The bride and the groom narrate how they met by chance and how fate slowly drew them to one another.

'Meher Teri', TWF's newest song created especially for this film, hits just the right chords that go flawlessly with the mood of the video. The family reiterates how much they felt her father’s presence at the wedding. Almost as if in an attempt to extend this sense of his attendance to the viewers, TWF has slipped in several clips that feature his portrait in the background.

With shots of full blown traditional Punjabi festivities of this authentic and charming wedding ceremony, this video layers every frame with emotions that will move viewers.

Videography: The Wedding Filmer

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