The opening scene of this wedding video has no speech or captions - and truly, nothing is needed to translate the emotions that bride Ivy's parents express in the opening frame. Fathers are supposed to be stoic in the face of life's vicissitudes, but Ivy's father is candid and tearful - and the camera captures the depth of his emotions.

The scene then shifts to Raphael’s parents talking about destiny and fate. They share, “It can be called destiny or simply a stroke of luck, but here’s the first love story where pets played cupid.” How often do you get to see two people from completely different cultures who are brought together by an entirely random series of events only to discover that were meant to be together all along?

Boy-meets-girl, girl-meets-boy; that’s how most love stories go. But in Ivy and Raphael’s case, it was preceded with cat-meets-dog, dog-meets-cat. Ivy explains how she’s called a crazy cat lady by her friends as she owns five cats, one of whom played cupid to this couple’s story. She shares, “One of my cats decided to be adventurous one day and jumped over to Raphael’s backyard. He had a dog, and I jumped over to rescue my cat.” That’s how they first met each other and the rest, as you know, is history.

Bringing alive the love, grandeur, and exuberance at the wedding, the film intersperses the song and dance sessions with meaningful moments of the couple and their loved ones.

There's humor as the bride's father warns the new bride to stop crying to avoid the makeup from running down her face. The cinematic video does not follow a linear narrative, rather it blends images, emotions, and excitement from different phases of the wedding, be it the arrival, close-up shots focusing of a special detail or panoramic frames of friends and family dancing and smiling.

Filmed in the dazzling city of Dubai, Ivy and Raphael’s story is a simple yet perfect love story with all the magic you could hope for. And if you needed another reason to watch, it features a brand new The Wedding Filmer soundtrack called ‘Meri Yaadein’ performed by Anushree Gupta and Raghav Meattle which talks about memories, both of the past and the ones to be made together in the future.

Videographer: The Wedding Filmer

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