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Jasryn and Johan, Australia

Shot in Australia, this wedding film captures the vibrancy & warmth of an Indian wedding in vivid frames.

Beginning on an emotional note with the visuals of the couple walking on a beautiful beach in Australia, as their loved ones’ voiceovers describe the duo’s love for each other, this wedding film instantly engages viewers with its picturesque visuals. Soothing and captivating, each frame captured showcases Jasryn and Johan’s love as they bask in each other’s presence.

After the beach shots, the film quickly moves to the boisterous pre-wedding ceremonies where family members share hilarious anecdotes about the bride and groom. Transitioning seamlessly from a soft romantic soundtrack to a peppy Bollywood Punjabi number, the visuals are vivid blends of smiling faces, vibrant colors and pre-wedding shenanigans that accurately depict the hustle and bustle of a typical Indian wedding.

Each ceremony gets its moment under the spotlight with playful shots, like the bride being smeared with turmeric paste, the groom shaking a leg with his buddies during the sangeet, and the elders of the family taking the dance floor by storm alongside the youngsters.

In the second half, however, the film goes back to its initial romantic theme with a touching Hindi love song accompanied by shots of Jasryn and Johan on their way to tie the knot. While the bride Jasryn revels in the beauty around her as she gets dressed in her bridal finery, Johan is shown enjoying his baarat. And as the duo tie the knot and seek the blessings of their elders, the film aptly expresses the joy they feel as they step into a new chapter of their lives. Accompanied by an inspiring soundtrack and fleeting snippets of their loved ones enjoying themselves thoroughly with the newlyweds at the reception, the film ends on a moving and inspiring note.

Location: Australia
Videography: Rolling Canvas Presentations

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