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Karishma and Satpreet, Dubai

Karishma and Satpreet’s nuptials at Madinat Jumeirah Resort were an exotic Arabic gala.

Hosted at the luxurious Madinat Jumeirah, Karishma and Satpreet’s marriage ceremonies were a grand celebration of love. The video opens to shots of expansive sand dunes and the bride posing in a bright orange gown against the neutral backdrop of the desert. Her parents recall the very first moments that they spent with their daughter, where her father had expressed his anxiousness about this day when his daughter would leave home to start rest of her life with her partner.

The luxurious Madinat Jumeirah Resort was the perfect setting for the grandiose ceremonies. The beautiful venue was brought to life by the vivid colours and spectacular decor of the wedding. The bride arrived in an abra (traditional Arabic boat) from her room to the mandap. Karishma’s outfit coordinated beautifully with the decor, which had a mix of white and mustard. 1000 balloons were released as Karishma got off the abra to tie the knot in a beautiful twilight wedding ceremony. The reception was held the day after at the grand Joharah ballroom featuring an extravagant Gatsby theme.

Through a captivating trailer, Memories In Motion show us that the #Kashsap wedding was an occasion that is going to be remembered by the family for a long time to come. With close ones immersing themselves in the festivities, interesting themes for each function and a couple so in love, the video beautifully captures the essence of Karishma and Sapreet’s four day long celebrations.

Wedding Planner: Rimjhim Bhagchandani

Videographer: Memories in Motion

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