The film begins with the newly engaged couple about to board a flight right after the groom popped the question and the bride is really ecstatic to be going back home as an engaged woman. WeddingSutra Favorite D’Silva Films takes us on a journey of Keerthana and Vishal's dreamy wedding as they embark on a new adventure.

An aerial shot of magnificent Spain with a fast train in the background slowly zooming into the bride walking towards the groom in the serenity of green plains making it the perfect portrait. The cherry on top is the beautiful narration of the grooms’ vows in the background of these moments filmed by D’Silva Films.

The film transitions to the next segment where we hear the sitar version of Coldplay’s 'Fix You' as the wedding rituals commence. The music makes an impact throughout the rituals and during the bride and the groom's getting ready moments. As the bride is seen getting butterflies in her tummy, the music intensifies these emotions giving the viewers a feel the same jitter. D’Silva Films has captured every emotion, every smile and all the love surrounding the couple so beautifully making us feel all the warmth.

The groom then raises a toast to his wife and gets the party rolling. Switching to a peppier number, the groom and bride along with their family and friends, are seen having the time of their lives.

Nominated for the ‘Best Storytelling Technique in Europe 2018’, the film made it to the top four. We love the placement of the couple's video snippets from the past, especially the proposal and their happy faces which are spread all across the wedding film. The cutest thing that you will see is the groom making an entry on his Vespa at the venue. Keep an eye for the romantic moments that the newlywed couple sneaked in at their reception.

Video Courtesy: D'Silva Films

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