There’s wealth and opulence, grand celebrations and glory in this wedding video. Movie stars and beautiful people, music and movement – but the single shining moments come from the wisdom of a wonderful matriarch who talks about love with humor and depth and leaves you wanting so much more.

When the scion of the GVK Group, Keshav Reddy was ready to wed the love of his life, Veena, bowing to what his grandmother calls ‘naseeb’, of course there were going to be the grandest of grand celebrations. Held in the royal city of Hyderabad, the décor was unbelievably beautiful, the clothes sublime and the views spectacular.

The Wedding Filmer had their work cut out for them. Capturing moments from Keshav and Veena’s wedding, you get a tapestry that is rich with real feeling and an intimate sense of who these people are and the families they come from.

Three generations of the Reddy family are asked a simple question, ‘What is love?’ Through the trailer, each generation defines what love is, but with quiet, practical, powerful words that leave us speechless. Almost impossible to capture in a single definition, The Wedding Filmer, manages to bring a smile to your face and a tear in your eye. And when the Reddy matriarch says, “We don’t always say ‘I love you’ out loud after all, do we?” we nod in agreement.

When the groom Keshav takes his turn to answer the question in the background, the visuals of him and Veena deeply in love flash by, one after the other, leaving you yearning and spellbound. The gorgeous bride puts it perfectly when she says, “My family is very different from Keshav’s but marriage is about two families coming together.”

The video goes on to capture the magnificence of the décor, jewellery and the gorgeous outfits. The trailer ends with visuals of Ranveer Singh and Shah Rukh Khan performing at the wedding, while Keshav confesses his heartfelt love for everyone to see as he kisses Veena on stage.

Videography: The Wedding Filmer

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