Every wedding tells a story of two. Capturing the crackling chemistry between the couple, WeddingSutra Favorite KnotsbyAMP welcomes the viewer into this tale!

Walking through the remarkable entrance, across the stylish decor, past the dhol and fireworks, we finally meet the ecstatic bride!

We zoom out via the perfect blend of electronic tunes and quirky edits into sequences that present a kaleidoscope of candid moments. Right from the teasing that goes on between the families to the shenanigans on the dance floor. These are the emotions that make a wedding.

The vibrant colors, loud cheers and crazy beats of the sangeet give way to montages of the bride getting ready for her big day. Bringing nuance to the display of emotion is the underscored track that seems to match the couple, step for step. After mesmerizing clips from the wedding, the film smoothly transits back into moments of the young and old in high spirits, clearly highlighting the effect of true love!

From entering the floral entrance to ending with the newly weds walking hand-in-hand, the film comes full circle and encapsulates a dream! With sharp editing, catchy tunes and picture-perfect frames, KnotsbyAMP manages to present a lifetime of treasured moments in just 4 minutes.

Video Courtesy: KnotsbyAMP

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