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Leela and Jayan, Udaipur

“I promise to be your rock, your co-pilot, your puffiest kitten and most importantly your best friend until the end of time” - Jayan

We often use the word ‘film’ lightly but in this case, this capture of moments from Leela and Jayan’s wedding is nothing short of a cinematic feel. There’s something different right from the beginning of the film. Marigolds pop out of a muted color palette, as we see several ethnicities, a palette of emotion, as well as the men, moved to tears. Who are these two people getting married? What is this world they come from?

WeddingSutra favorite House On The Clouds have outdone themselves with this wedding film. The film begins with the viewer waiting to catch a glimpse of the bride. The music fills the air with anticipation and celebration as she is revealed – bright, atypical, gorgeous! Her mother shares that she was a tomboy and you see that in an instant. Humor and love suffuse every frame and it is impossible to not be moved by the series of moments, the passionate embrace after the celebrant says ‘you may kiss the bride’, the silly fooling around as the couple pose for pictures, and the unabashed dancing across age, culture, race and gender.

In a masterstroke of editing, House On The Clouds suddenly swooshes us into the greatest party of all time. Everybody is seen busy having fun, the smiles and the music will make you want to dance along with the families and be a part of their celebration.

The highlights of the video are the reactions of all the bridesmaids as they see the bride in her white wedding gown, the speeches and also the groom dancing in his dhoti. The video ends with Jayan picking up Leela and swirling her into their new life.

Jayan and Leela’s Wedding Film leaves one wanting a love (and a wedding film) like that.

Video Courtesy: House On The Clouds

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