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Lov Sawlani and Disha Gangwani, Shangri-La Hambantota Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

The #LovDish wedding was a true wedding carnival!

A kaleidoscope of emotions, a Bajirao Mastani themed sangeet, pheras by the beach, paradise as backdrop, a love story told beautifully – Pooja Studio Dubai captures the luxury, love and laughter of the #LovDish wedding at the heavenly Shangri-La Hambantota Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka.

Lov and Disha grew up in the same city but only met for the first time at a common friend’s home. There was instant chemistry but apart from smiling warmly at each other and an inkling that there was something more to this, they didn’t interact. Lady Luck didn’t give up on them though. Unknowingly, their parents set up an arranged marriage meeting for them. And there you have it!

The #LovDish wedding film is a visual collage of happy memories. Bringing alive the love, grandeur and exuberance at the wedding, the film intersperses the song and dance with meaningful moments with the couple who complete each other in every way.

The viewer is instantly drawn in by the aerial shots of the magnificent Shangri La Hambantota Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka. The gorgeous architecture at the wedding venue and the luxurious environs are a wonderful backdrop to the opulence of the festivities. Whether it’s the wedding rituals on the perfectly manicured lawns or the romantic walks on the resort’s private beach, there’s a fairytale setting to this story of love.

The couple may have had an arranged marriage, but what comes through is the depth of their friendship and bond. The cinematographer, Pooja Studios Dubai, explores the relationship in each frame, bringing us evocative glimpses into the way love blossomed and how it expresses itself through the wedding.

Whether it’s the wild pool party, the precious beach pheras or the emotional mehndi ceremony at the grand Shangri La Hambantota Resort and Spa, the love, grandeur and the familial bond shines through making this a wedding film that appeals to all.

Cinematographer- Pooja Studio Dubai

Wedding Planner- Horizon WIE (Mumbai)

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