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Love Potion

Samarth Bajaj & Ashwini Shridhar’s Wedding Film by Nishith Dayal

What is that je ne sais quoi that causes absolute strangers to connect? At what moment do they know that they have found someone special enough to share the rest of their life with them?

Samarth Bajaj and Ashwini Shridhar’s wedding film explores this ‘certain something’ as loved ones narrate instances from the couple’s nine-month-old dating diary. Someone fondly remembers how Samarth “kept making oddly-flavoured drinks” at that party. Samarth’s brother-in-law chuckles, “Little did we know that a chilli drink is going to spice up all our lives.”

But, the real masala of this love story is this. The groom confesses that the best day of his life was when he met Ashwini Shridhar – the woman who began their first date with an inappropriate question, but “ordered food perfectly to the core”. Trust a chef to lose his heart to a woman who knows her food!

To be fair though, Samarth clearly recalls the first moment that he set his eyes on the attractive Ashwini who was wearing a black dress for their first date and how he “…could not get my eyes off her!” So he had actually fallen for her at first glance. Nine months of being with her just gave him enough time to know and assuredly state – “I love her a lot. We make a great couple!”

The 25-year-old bride reckons that the colourful concoction which Samarth had made for her at the party may have done her in. “He must have probably added a love potion in there …cause that’s when I got mesmerized. I fell in love with him from that moment.”

Yes, that must be the certain something that made them click. Love potion.

Videography: Nishith Dayal

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