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Manisha and Sanjay at the Vivanta by Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur

Soak in the celebratory mode with this dreamy wedding video shot by WeddingNama

The #ManJay wedding video captures all the elements of fun, emotion and deep family bonds at Manisha and Sanjay’s beautiful Gujarati-Kashmiri wedding in Jodhpur.

The wedding video titled “Forever Starts Today” starts with a sit-down formal wedding dinner, where the groom’s best man makes quite a humorous revelation – “The Man in #ManJay is not the ‘man’, the ‘Jay’ is the man”- and fondly addresses Manisha and Sanjay’s wedding as the #ManJay wedding. His account makes guests laugh and this sets the tone for the rest of the fun wedding film which is bound to leave a smile on the face of a viewer.

Following a similar narrative pattern, the couple’s love story is revealed through their close friends’ and family’s heartfelt wedding speeches. “Love looks not by the eyes but by the mind,” says a friend. The sister of the groom describes them as the perfect couple and an ideal of love for her.

What follows next is a beautiful representation of the diversity of a ‘Gujarati-Kashmiri’ wedding. From a traditional mehndi, haldi, milk bath to the unabashed dandiya and garba performances, the shots capture a jovial, happy family members shaking a leg together. These are also the pre-wedding rituals that introduce the viewer to the diverse traditions of both the communities.

It is a wedding video that captures beautiful candid moments of the couple, especially in slow-motion close-ups like the concluding frame where the bride is showered by rose petals . From waltzing to a romantic song to the bride dancing during her own baraat, this cinematic extravaganza shot by WeddingNama is a celebration of grandeur and diversity and truly defines the happy and joyous nature of an Indian wedding.

Cinematographer- WeddingNama

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