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Manvi and Rohit, New Delhi

Witness Manvi and Rohit’s lovely nuptials unfold languidly in the trailer of their wedding video shot at The Roseate hotel in New Delhi.

What makes a wedding video truely memorable is its quality to arouse deep emotions in the hearts of anyone who watches it. WeddingSutra Favorite CoolBluez Photography creates a montage of spellbinding visuals of Manvi and Rohit’s wedding to give us a glimpse into their elaborate wedding and everything that went into making it special.

This trailer of Rohit and Manvi’s wedding film opens with a frame that captures pretty decor elements of the mehndi ceremony before zooming in on the lovely bride. This slow-motion trailer relaxes the pace of the onscreen proceedings so that viewers can relish every frame with no sense of rush. Soon after, we also see a smiling Rohit enjoying the festivities at his wedding.

The combination of Rohit and Manvi’s names results in their witty wedding hashtag #Romantales. A physical installation spelling out the hashtag is set up on a lawn and Rohit, and Manvi are captured posing in front of it. After a few couple shots to the bride gliding solo to her wedding in a boat, every frame makes the viewer look forward to what will follow.

At the scenes of the pheras, the background music fades away so that the voice of the priest intoning the sacred vows can be heard, which adds an authentic vibe to the event.

The teaser does not follow a sequential narrative. Instead, viewers get to enjoy a blend of photos and videos from different events that showcase the assorted moods, ensembles, decor, and emotions in slow succession as the languid pace of the teaser is maintained throughout. CoolBluez Photography uses the background music effectively to create the right mood to complement the wedding narrative, and the film makes for the perfect prelude to Rohit and Manvi’s starring roles as husband and wife.

Videography: CoolBluez Photography

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