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Monica and Yash at the Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur

Emotions run deep in Yash and Monica’s wedding video which was shot by Picture Perfect India at Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur

This picture-perfect wedding took two years to plan, and the results were evident. Bride Mona and groom Yash upped the antenna with their choice of wedding venue, vibrant Rajasthani elements and personalized touches

The strains of a beautiful folk ballad at the start of this wedding video gives viewers an essence of this destination wedding at the Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Bride Monica and groom Yash share their thoughts on their choice of wedding venue as images of them posing against the historic ramparts of the stunning palace showcase the grandeur of the location, alongside folk dancers and musicians who light up the screen.

Apart from giving us a distinct flavor of the Land of the Maharajas, the film shows the couple sharing their story and wedding planning experiences. “It took us two years to plan it,” states Monica. An emotional mother of the bride expresses her feelings about the couple, describing them as a match made in heaven before the action gives way to revelry.

The video then slowly unfolds as a rhythmic musical, with slow motion shots that capture glimpses of the wedding celebrations, be it through impressive drone shots or evocative close-ups. From the glitzy sangeet night to the mehndi rituals, each moment is emotionally intensified with dialogues that explain the familial bonds between loved ones and the couple’s romantic journey together.

Throughout the video, Monica and Yash are captured exchanging romantic glances in a candid and non-obtrusive manner. Yash describes his love for her as something he cannot express in words, while she simply confesses that he is her world! In between the fun-filled footage are lots of touching messages by loved ones such as the one in which Monica’s father shares how is he going to miss his dear daughter. Perhaps, it is these emotions that is captured best in Yash and Monica’s wedding video which makes the viewer not only feel their love but also vicariously feel part of their inner circle of loved ones.

Cinematographer- Picture Perfect India

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