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Naamah and Karan- Two Hearts One Soul

Naamah and Karan’s wedding video has many elements of a Bollywood film – a gorgeous couple, regal Jodhpur locations, a star or two, and their unique love story that survived many challenges

His mother refers to him as a prince in the video, and states that he deserves a wedding in a palace, as the voiceover at the start of the wedding video explains how Istanbul and Vietnam were considered as wedding locations before Jodhpur was finalised. As the lavish ceremonies unfold, once can sense or perhaps infer the story of Karan and Naamah thanks to carefully chosen soundbytes of the groom – and the journey that has brought them thus far. Son of one of India’s renowned interior designers Kavita Singh, Karan is heir to a leading pharma company. His Bollywood connection is thanks to his mother who is Sonam Kapoor’s maternal aunt.

Maybe it is coincidence, but his wedding video includes all the elements of a Bollywood movie – from the stunning location shoots at Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhavan, Vivanta by Taj – Hari Mahal, Jodhpur and the Balsamad Lake Palace to the glamorous crowd, dancing (we see Anil Kapoor jiving like a star) and all the drama – said and unsaid – that the couple have faced together and put behind them to start their married life as a happy couple.

The soundtracks used in the video evoke the perfect mood – from soulful English numbers to melodious Hindi songs that accompany high-definition visuals of the couple in their regal wedding attire, Karan wiping his tears during the ‘varmala’ ceremony, his beautiful mother playing the perfect hostess and Sonam Kapoor lighting up the frame as a proud cousin.

As expected the décor and designs of this wedding are top-notch, yet much grander is the honesty of the groom and his bride and their story. Because when the curtains come down on the grand production of a wedding, that’s when the romance of married life begins. And we at WeddingSutra wish the couple a happy married life.

Videography: Prakash & Rahul Tilokani

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