Each marriage has a glorious love story to tell, a story that you relive and celebrate during your wedding. The question is, how do you want to tell yours? Beats and grooves are now synonymous with cocktail party shenanigans, but here’s a unique twist to this one - a Daft Punk theme!

Captured beautifully by WeddingSutra Favourite Journeys by Ram, Namrata and Kiran’s wedding was a perfect mix of elegant and exciting celebrations. The film begins with an overview of scenic Hyderabad. Then it takes you into the heart of the wedding through a rollercoaster of emotions and traditions. Across thrilling electronic beats at the cocktail party to the familiar religious rituals of South India, the film is a microcosm of modern India.

Each shot captured in the film is immediately resonant. You feel what the person in the frame feels. There’s a little quiet humor too – Namrata, still recovering from the previous night’s partying, trying not to doze off during the puja is something we can all relate to!

The indoor celebrations open into the outdoors where the bright smiles rival the luminescent haldi ceremony. The viewer gets to experience every moment even as we enjoy the rocking Holi themed bash where young and old show off their moves. There is love and excitement in the air. And then, the rollercoaster does its thing and in the countdown to the marriage, the tearful eyes and eagerness in the voices raises your spirits and makes you feel every bittersweet nuance. That look shared by the couple right after the cloth is removed, the relief on Kiran’s face and the unshed tears that quiver in the eyes of the bride – those, we believe, express a thousand emotions in just a few seconds.

Their deep feelings truly had a ripple effect on the guests and this was perfectly captured by the team, making it compelling viewing. Sharp flawless editing, catchy tracks and quirky moments captured by the team of Journeys by Ram have truly captured the fun and essence of the wedding in just six minutes.

Videography: Journeys by Ram

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