“I always thought of you as a magical butterfly who sat on my palm and chose to stay there because I did not clench my fist, but I vow always to keep it open. I vow to... I love you a little more every day.” – Raghu (of 'Roadies' fame). Emotions are at their peak with beautiful words such as these and love is the key essence of this wedding video by WeddingSutra Favourite – D’silva Films.

The film opens with Natalie’s soothing opera performance that sets the tone and runs through the video. A major highlight of the film is the vows said by the couple in a boho setup by the beach. As Raghu and Natalie declare their love for each other with an emotional exchange of sentiments, members of the congregation are left teary-eyed.

The contrast between the white wedding and traditional South Indian rituals make for compelling viewing. The happy acceptance of each other's different backgrounds and customs add that cheery vibe as the three-day events unfold. From Raghu's brother rubbing his head fondly to Natalie walking down the aisle escorted by her father, every moment is an emotional celebration of new beginnings and fresh starts.

The drone shots of the beautiful location in Goa just add to the holiday vibe which this wedding video captures so well. Music, new moments to cherish, old memories to treasure, and the promise of a beautiful future together encapsulate everything that the couple stands for and the recorded moments will forever be a testament to that.

Video Courtesy: D’silva Films

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