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Nikhita and Anand at the Jetwing Lighthouse Galle, Sri Lanka

Bride Nikhita professed her love to Anand with a beautiful song she sang at their wedding in Sri Lanka. Check it out in this dreamy wedding video shot by The Photo Diary

“She tries too hard to sound like a relative of Shakespeare…” This wedding video starts with a friend making fun of the bride – as well as the groom a little later when he comments about his hairy chest. This lighthearted introduction sets the mood for the rest of the video which captures Anand and Nikhita’s special moments on their big day.

The wedding shoot took place at the expansive Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel, which is located on the fringe of the former Dutch Colonial town of Galle in Sri Lanka.

Monisha Ajgoankar of The Photo Diary has captured the energy and vibe of the wedding beautifully, right from the unabashed dance performances to the glitzy pool parties.

One of the highlights of this video is when Nikhita sits down to play the piano in her wedding finery. She professes her love for Anand by singing ‘Your Song’ – a 1970s classic by Elton John. The visual of waves crashing gently on the rocky beach matches her impressive vocals as the song starts, and it forms the romantic soundtrack or backdrop for the rest of the preparations and rituals.

Anand is captured looking at Nikhita with adoration in his eyes as the song ends – and this very private moment is captured skillfully by The Photo Diary. Loved ones and friends share their thoughts and wishes for the lovely couple near the end of the film, before the dancing and revelry take commence once again. The last shots almost act like a visual flipbook, guiding us to soak in the celebratory mode of Nikhita and Anand’s beautiful wedding.

Cinematographer- The Photo Diary
Location- Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle, Sri Lanka

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