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Rainmaker Wedding Planners beautifully capture Sasikala and Britto’s wedding which was a mix of Malayalee traditions, Thai wedding rituals and power-packed musical performances in Phuket

Sound plays as integral a part as visuals in Sasikala and Britto’s wedding video by Rainmaker Weddings Planners. It starts with an image of the Buddha and barefoot monks walking as Buddhist chants can be heard in the background, perhaps signifying the spiritual essence of a marriage. The Thai monks and priest intoning his words of wisdom to the couple and gathering in the first few minutes of the video were just one of the highlights of this grand wedding held at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket and Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort. These serene shots of a priest on a dais were part of the Thai ‘Water Ceremony’ which included a ‘Monk’s Blessing’ ritual to wish the couple a happy married life.

A few minutes into the video, the gentle piano track accompanying flight shots of the beautiful Phuket island picks up tempo and morphs into a multi-instrument score as all the action gets underway – from the traditional Thai welcome by Serng Kratip Khoa musicians and dancers, to the groom getting ready, family members beaming and stage shows entertaining the gathering. The background score and fast-paced editingcleverly signifies all the hectic phases of an Indian wedding. We see the couple go through a traditional wedding ritual – think garlands, pheras, emotional relatives – as the voiceover in English intones about nirvana.

The beautiful ‘cherry blossom’ mandap on the beach, Buddha accents on the beach and a floral Ganesha on the lush lawns are just some of the décor highlights captured before the focus cuts to the traditional Thai ‘Water Ceremony’ with the bride clad in beautiful white gown and groom in formal black. At the concluding minutes of the video, the musical score again slows down to match the evocative slow-motion shots of the couple writing their names on a metal heart and stringing it on a wire festooned with similar hearts and auspicious bells. It is probably meant to signify that when all the festivities and action of a grand wedding are over, it is the couple who must journey through married life as one.

Videography: Rainmaker Events and Weddings

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