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Noor and Abdullah, Jumeirah Mina A’Salam – Madinat Jumeirah Resort, UAE

Noor and Abdullah’s Wedding at the Madinat Jumeirah Resort is a celebration soaked in luxury and heightened by love.

The captivating wedding trailer opens with a bird’s eye view of Jumeirah Mina A’Salam – a palm tree, sparkling blue water, a wedding dress hangs in the window. You’re given glimpses of the couple gearing up for their big day. The bride is being made up, the groom puts his cufflinks on.

The day progresses and you see the couple together – tender visuals of Noor and Abdullah, sailing on a boat where Noor sits gracefully, her gown spilling around her as Abdullah extends his arm to caress his bride’s face. It looks like a scene from a film.

Denee Motion creates a beautiful montage of the family reveling in the joy of the occasion; Noor’s father leading his daughter to her wedding, a tender kiss, a grand welcome. Then Abdullah twirling Noor during their first dance, families greeting each other and dance performances and music. Each scene displays the warmth and joy that the Joharah Ballroom in Mina A’Salam hotel in Madinat Jumeirah Resort Dubai was privy to. The film also brings us glimpses of the stunning decor that transformed the ballroom into a breathtaking, whimsical hanging garden. The floral decor in a dark color palette brings a warm and rich ambience and with the floral canopy and hanging chandeliers, the theme truly came to life.

The wedding celebrations were an elegant and lavish affair at a venue, known for its sophisticated offerings. “Keeping in mind that we were looking for a venue that offered a number of beautiful backgrounds for our pictures and video, Mina A’Salam was definitely the right choice. The property indeed encapsulates many beautiful scenic locations,” Noor says.

Videographer: Denee Motion

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