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Paige and Kunal, Chicago

“My love for you, my love for us, will grow into the sunset as we do too. Today with one step closer together, hand in hand, I promise you everything, my love, my life and all else in between.” –Kunal

The wedding film begins right at the heart of the celebration – the groom is pouring his heart out to his beautiful bride Paige, a room filled with their loved ones wrapped up in the magic, not a dry eye in the house. Hampton Road Studios then lets you in on an aerial shot of the green wonderland – The Orchard Ridge Farm in Chicago. The newlywed couple gives us a tour of the venue via their wedding film.

As the bride gets ready, she reminisces how they met online and how Kunal pursued her. The first time they went on a date and how the moment she saw him walk in, he felt very familiar to her. The dreamy couple knew that it was meant to be the moment they saw each other.

The subtle background score turns the film into a fluid entity; the beautiful toasts, the laughter and the emotions intertwined make the essence of this Hindu Christian wedding, intricately woven together by Hampton Road Studios.

The highlight of the video is the groom on seeing his would-be wife for the first time on the wedding day. His reaction is so pure and captured perfectly, it will leave you teary-eyed. This is a once in a lifetime kind of love.

The couple walking hand in hand looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, without a care about the world will leave you wishing them well and wishing everyone would find their perfect other.

Video Courtesy: Hampton Road Studios

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