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Payal and Siddharth, ITC Grand Goa

This film captures everyday love and once-in-a-lifetime grandeur with ease.

Payal and Siddharth’s wedding trailer is one of the most natural films you’ll watch. It manages to be both intimate and non-intrusive – telling you so much about the couple but maintaining a position of a viewer, privileged to enter their world.

WeddingSutra Favorite Frames n Films gives you your first glimpse into the love story via a casual stroll on the beach, the couple hand in hand, the score ‘Jeene Mein Aaye Maza’ bringing an old-school romantic vibe to the visuals.

The drone shot captures the scope of the wedding at the ITC Grand Goa – a misty morning, the ocean rolling in, the grounds dotted with umbrellas. Zooming back into the wedding, one image after another tells a story of tenderness and a comfort level that hints at a long courtship, a deep understanding between each other. That feeling seems justified as you watch the bride read a letter from her groom aloud – he details how they’ve arrived at this point in their journey and he says he feels like a better person when he’s with her. It’s a poignant moment.

The tempo picks up as a contemporary rendition of the Punjabi folk song ‘Madhaniya’ begins to play. You see Payal having mehendi applied, making her way to the mandap and this is interspersed with friends and family talking about the depth of the couple’s bond.

The narrative moves back and forth between shots of the couple – relaxed on the beach, solemn at the ceremonies, ecstatic during the festivities and so on. It’s a dynamic way of presenting the many moods of a wedding and it keeps the viewer engrossed.

The film winds up with the final lines of Siddharth’s letter to Payal. She reads, “Sorry to spoil your make up. Fix it and meet me at the beach. Now it’s your turn to see some tears in my eyes – tears of joy when you walk to me.”

A shot of him kissing her forehead closes the scene, leaving viewers with a lingering sweetness.

Venue: ITC Grand Goa

Video Courtesy: Frames n Films

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