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Pooja and Anil’s Little Film About Their Big Wedding

Their life's most exciting journey begins (aptly) at the Della Adventure Resort, Lonavla

Emotions run high in this tender, ingenuous wedding film that begins with the bride Pooja’s brother talking about their special bond and what she means to the entire family. The film captures all the emotions, big and small. We witness the chemistry Pooja and Anil share during a photo-shoot around the wedding venue, stopping now and then to speak of each other. The spectrum of celebration is represented across intimate moments, the bride adorning herself, the exchange of salt between women and grand revelry, fire jugglers, dancing and laughing.

Captured by Nishith Dayal at the scenic Della Adventure Resort in Lonavla, this visually heartwarming documentary depicts all the love showered by the lovely couple’s family and friends, and the fun at their wedding celebrations.

Film courtesy- Creative Crow Productions

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