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Prachi and Dev, Jagmandir Island Palace, Udaipur

This wedding film beautifully showcases the bridal couple’s deep bond against mesmerizing backdrops of Udaipur’s stunning architecture.

In all cultures worldover, there are perhaps few occasions that are as joyful and celebratory as weddings. Prachi and Dev’s nuptials were a testament to the goodwill and merriment that marriage brings, not just to the bride and groom but to all those partaking in the wedding functions as well.

The wedding film, shot by WeddingSutra Favorite, WeddingNama, opens with an aerial view of the resplendent venue, the Jagmandir Island Palace, and the serene lake surrounding it. The wedding was held at this prestigious and historical location, while other functions took place at equally grand locations in the city. The sangeet was hosted at the Zenana Mahal, with additional functions at the Trident and Chunda Palace.

The film sees a tasteful juxtapose that captures the couple during varying hours of the day – from bright daylight to sunset and into the night, lending the montage an alluring contrast of romantic moods and emotions.

Throughout the wedding video, picturesque shots of beautiful locations all over Udaipur are interwoven with intimate moments shared by the couple, who describe their deep love for one another. Emotions reach a crescendo when Prachi recites her touching wedding vows and Dev reveals his astonishment at his bride’s beauty in heart-warming scenes from their nuptials.

Then, a dramatic change in music and tempo flips a switch – the bride and groom, as well as their guests, are ready to party. A snappy montage of the celebrations, complete with dancing and antics from the wedding party, fill the screen. The video is a visual treat that documents the most entertaining parts of the wedding, capturing the cheery spirits of everyone involved. At the end, the film rolls heartwarming shots of the pheras being performed, marking the start of the couple’s very own ‘happily ever after’.

Venues: Jagmandir Island Palace, Chunda Palace, Trident Lawns and Zenana Mahal, Udaipur
Videography: WeddingNama

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