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Pranav and Natasha, Thailand

An ode to the innocence and beauty of childhood love, this wedding film celebrates a couple’s journey of more than a decade.

In a world of 7 billion people, fortunate are those who find their soulmate, someone who would stand by them through everything, and love them till the end of their days. Together for more than half of their lives, Pranav found his partner in crime for life at 12! From stepping into adulthood together, to sharing milestones, hopes and dreams, Natasha and Pranav have been an inspiration to everyone around them, setting a benchmark of love for 13 years. This rousing yet emotional wedding video by WeddingSutra Favorite – Framed is the perfect testament to their love.

The video starts off on a high note, with an entire minute of vivid, almost psychedelic shots immersing your senses in the fun festivities of their wedding. The tempo changes with tranquil shots of one of Thailand’s beautiful beaches, as a soft, lilting version of Snow Patrol’s famous number ‘Chasing cars’ runs as the background score for this video.

Natasha is overcome by the emotions of the day just as she starts talking about the love of her life. Her poignant reflection in her reception speech, on their journey together and her vision for the future moves her guests to tears, as beautiful pictures documenting their love right from childhood to the present come across the screen. Beguiling shots of their celebrations come one after another, as Pranav vows to be her shoulder to cry on, her protector and her friend for life, walking through life, holding hands till the very end. You can’t help but get a lump in your throat hearing their best friends’ moving tribute to their love, thanking them for the perfect example of love they set for everyone to aspire to.

Vibrant shots of fun and merriment bring the video to a close with a tender shot of Pranav and Natasha against two words that sum up their relationship in a nutshell, ‘Better Together’!

Location: Thailand
Wedding Planner: Divine Events
Video: Framed

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