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Prerna and Neelaabh, Kolkata

Neelaabh and Prerna's wedding video is poetry in motion with its gentle pace, gorgeous frames and perfect background score.

There are wedding films that inspire you to leave your couch and dance to the beats of the dhol and then there are wedding films which leave you feeling serene. This beautifully shot ‘Intimates’ by WeddingSutra Favorite – House On The Clouds, is one such moving film of the union of Prerna and Neelaabh.

When a wedding video opens with the groom singing a romantic Hindi number from yesteryears to his cheery bride dressed in sunny yellow, you know something special is in store! The languid pace of the film unfolds through candid conversations between the couple, slow-motion frames, and a gentle narrative which flows seamlessly from one event to another, and from one emotion to many more.

Soulful, surreal and mesmerizing, Prerna and Neelaabh’s nuptials took place under a champa tree on the banks of the holy river Ganga, in a rustic Bengali setting. Mirroring the tranquil vibe of the beautiful location, the frames are a sublime rendition of the old-world romance which Prerna and Neelaabh embody so charmingly

House On The Clouds, known for their unique spin on every love story and wedding video, has created a poignant masterpiece with this video which uses background music to magical effect. The friendship between the couple and their families are apparent in shots where they stroll through the wedding venue talking to each other seemingly unaware of the camera following their every step, sharing snippets of their romance directly on screen, and the intensity of emotions as loved ones celebrate the couple moving together into a new phase of their lives.

From the red of Prerna’s wedding saree amidst the lush green surroundings to the all-black glamorous reception where Neelaabh is once again caught crooning a number, this wedding film is an up close and very personal look at a couple’s journey captured in a way that they seem like close friends when the video ends.

Video Courtesy: House On The Clouds

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