It’s like the start of a fairytale in the movies. Samode Palace is nestled, hidden almost, in the deep, forested green heart of a massive mountain range in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We get glimpses of the couple even as we are taken on a sweeping ride over the palace. Then WeddingSutra Favorite - WeddingNama takes us to the wedding.

We meet the groom as he is getting ready. His clothes are magnificent and the camaraderie between him and his friends is wonderful, the laughter infectious. WeddingNama then presents the entire wedding in a beautiful montage. The bride making an entrance, an elder wiping away her tears, the guests straining to catch a glimpse of the couple, the fun, the fashion, it’s all there. The music is lyrical and poignant and perfectly elevates the visuals to meet their emotional potential.

The heritage architecture and regal demeanor of the bride gives the impression of a royal wedding. The groom bringing in his baraat, riding on an elephant, is as erstwhile maharaja as it gets. The couple complement each other in their dusty rose attire and the guests seem to resonate in the same color palette.

Finally, it is time to view the reception. The newlyweds descend the red carpeted stairs of the palace as fireworks set the sky alight. The palace is beautifully decorated, a band plays, and no one can resist the rhythm. Everyone seems to be in motion, dancing with joy and viewers will find themselves tapping their feet.

The film ends with the groom singing a very famous Bollywood song for his newlywed wife and declaring his love for her. And we declare we love this film.

Videography:  WeddingNama

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