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Priya and Dharmil, New Delhi

A poignant portrayal of a mother’s love for her daughter, this wedding video evokes deep emotions all around.

The birth of daughters heralds a lifetime of love and bonding for most families; but the reality is that one day, they leave their childhood homes to set up another after they tie the knot. This wedding video, shot by WeddingSutra Favorite – Fourfold Pictures, evokes the tumultuous emotions a mother and father experience as their precious princess prepares to soar towards her new life with her soulmate.

The video unfolds with the bride’s mother’s voice reflecting on the arrival of the day she and her husband had been both dreading and looking forward to at the same time since their little girl Priya came into their life. As the joyous moments of the pre-wedding festivities flash on the screen, she shares how the prospect of seeing her daughter leave the house one day would often bring tears to her eyes, while her “Baba” would wave away all her fears with a smile.

“You have always been his little princess, even though now you are going to be someone else’s queen.. Your king, who would cherish you for not just for one lifetime, but all seven of them,” she says, as the video transitions into shots of the wedding. The grandeur and royalty of the festivities are fitting for such a special and momentous occasion.

As the video draws to a close, the bride’s mother is reassured that a lifetime of happiness and adventure awaits her daughter with her soulmate by her side. Her hopeful words will resonate deeply with viewers, as the promise of love and laughter brings solace to her parents.

Venues: The Lalit, Mumbai (Sangeet); Devam, New Delhi (Wedding)
Videography: Fourfold Pictures

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