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Radhika and Upahar, Sri Lanka

Radhika and Upahar’s wedding celebration was made richer because of the deeper significance it held in their lives.

All relationships leave a mark on you but those who mold you for the better are the ones worth preserving. While Radhika and Upahar’s wedding was a crackling celebration filled with quirky moments, at its core, the two people coming together could not have been more perfect for each other.

WeddingSutra Favorite Seventy by Two – Wedding Stories captures the joy and emotions at the celebrations in their purest form.

Radhika and Upahar, teach us how contrasting personalities make a relationship an enriching one. The groom’s father, talking about his son, credits Radhika’s influence in his evolution, “Upahar was not the typical fun-loving guy. I must say, he has changed since he met Radhika and I am so happy that he has started loving life much more than he used to earlier.” Then it is the bride’s father’s turn to make note of their complementing personality traits and the bride agrees, “He is the calm to my storm in the truest way.”

A four hour long first date began to fizzle out but it is endearing to witness how their parents did not relent. There was no looking back after Upahar reached out to Radhika again – this time, for good.

What followed after that was a big fat Punjabi celebration at Anantara Kalutara Resort. Flanked by the scenic Sri Lankan backwaters on one side and the Indian Ocean on another, the property provided the perfect laid-back setting for this perfect union. The functions were alive with humor, love, and laughter.

To conclude, Kewal Gala from Seventy by Two – Wedding Stories says, “While we are certain that Upahar is the calming factor in Radhika’s life, she will make sure that he becomes her partner-in-crime in this roller-coaster adventure called life!”

Videography: Seventy by Two – Wedding Stories

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